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Homeowner's Office

  • Vanessa Harris, Community Manager

  • Brittney Christensen, Community Assistant

  • Emira Quinonez, Accounting and HR

  • Sandra Delgado, Administrative Assistant

  • Anthony Phillips, Administrative Assistant

Activities Office

  • Carrie Matus, Activities Director

  • Emily Martinez, Administrative Assistant

Maintenance and Grounds

  • Javier Rodriguez, Maintenance and Grounds Supervisor 

  • Alex Villalponda, Maintenance and Grounds Assistant Supervisor

  • Anthony Robles, Grounds

  • Armando Cortes, Grounds

  • Fidel Vargas, Grounds Irrigation Tech.

  • Miguel Orozco, Grounds

  • Mario Quintero, Grounds

  • Adolfo Torres, Maintenance

  • Ismael Flores, Maintenance Pool Tech.


  • Juan Arellano, Security Supervisor

  • Matt Jones, Security Assistant Supervisor

  • Andrea Castaneda, Security

  • Dennis Grinsteiner, Security

  • Omar Monge, Security

  • Rosario Bernal, Security

  • Samantha Montelongo, Security

  • Valerie Lopez, Security

  • Wayne King, Security


  • Vicki Castro, Housekeeping Supervisor

  • Rosa Beltran, Housekeeping

  • (Seasonal Housekeeping)

  • (Seasonal Housekeeping)


  • Frank Rivas, Chef (Seasonal)

  • Mery Turner, Sous Chef (Seasonal)

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