Welcome to Country Roads RV Village

Spanish Club

Due to a large number of Spanish-speaking people in the community surrounding our park, Country Roads has an active Spanish Club of approximately 30 members.  The sessions are conversational with some grammar.  We teach the basic needs of the language:  for example, greetings, the weather, how to tell time, going to the store, going to the bank, at the airport, at the restaurant, at the hotel, etc.  We practice what we learn, and we do a lot of repetitions.  We laugh a lot and we have fun learning a new language.

The following is our schedule:

  • Monday is Introduction, no or little knowledge of Spanish required.
  • Tuesday is Intermediate, conversational Spanish only, mostly Spanish is spoken.
  • Wednesday is Advance Introduction which requires some knowledge of Spanish.
  • Thursday is a Practice Session which is informal.  We help one another to learn Spanish.
  • All the sessions are in the Mojave Room from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

The facilitators are: Bertie Caissie for the Introduction Session; Rheal Caissie and Lorraine Tremblay for the Advance Introduction.  We have three fluent Spanish-speaking assistants: Rosa Sandoval, Raquel Rodriquez and Stewart Lang.

The club has various activities outside the park.  We go to a Spanish Restaurant a few times a season, and a Spanish Baptist Church invites us to one of their special events each year.  We end the season with a Spanish potluck with music.

The cost is $10.00 per person to cover the expenses of photocopies, materials, etc.  For further information contact Bertie Caissie at huberte.caissie@gmail.com.