Welcome to Country Roads RV Village

Quilting Club

We are a group who has the same interest at heart…QUILTING!!  We come together every Monday at 9 a.m. in the Coronado Room for a short business meeting and to discuss upcoming events, projects, etc.

The cost to join our club is $10.00 for the season.  We provide irons, ironing boards, cutting mats and rulers for everyone to use for club related sewing.  We also have a copier for which we charge 25 cents per copy.  A coffee machine is also available.  All you have to do is bring your sewing machine, project materials and lunch and spend a great day quilting and laughing.

The purpose of our club is to learn from each other and enjoy our experiences.  We all want to learn new techniques and do new projects.  Since we are all volunteers in the park we are always looking for anyone who is willing to teach a class and share ideas.  If teachers are brought in to teach a project they will usually charge for their class.  Charges for classes will vary depending on the teacher, supplies they need, and if they are in or out of park.

Every year there is a very popular Quilt Show in the park.  All members who join the Quilt Club by February 1st may enter their quilted items and have a chance to win a ribbon.  Voting is done by those attending the show, not only Quilt Club members.  (If member dues are not paid by February 1st the non-paying person’s name will be removed from the e-mail contact list.)

At the show there is a Country Store where members can display their wares for sale.  They get all the profit.  In conjunction with the quilt show we hold a raffle.  The raffle funds the purchase/construction of raffle items for the next year, donations, and operating expenses.