Welcome to Country Roads RV Village


The Pottery Studio Club is a group of 60 members who enjoy the creativity of working with clay.  Our studio is well-equipped with a slab roller, 3 pottery wheels, 3 firing kilns, a Raku kiln, a pug mill, a spray booth, and plenty of inside and outside working areas.  We have everything a beginner or experienced potter would need to explore and create beautiful and useful items in clay, including shaping tools, sponges, brushes, paints, glazes, molds and various decorative stamps and rollers.

We are open seven days a week and there is usually a Monitor present to assist you.  Each week we have classes in Horsehair, and a Beginning Pottery Class, for residents of Country Roads.  Our membership dues are $10 per year, and there are many other classes available to members.

Please stop by — you will find our club of retirees cheerfully engaged in the delightful hobby of creating lovely items out of clay.