Welcome to Country Roads RV Village

Fitness Club

The Country Roads Fitness Center is fully equipped and lives in a bright and airy 1200 sq. ft. room built in 2004. It contains the following equipment:

  • 4 treadmills
  • 3 elliptical trainers
  • 2 upright bikes
  • 3 recumbent cross trainer bikes (including a 15xr handicap accessible)
  • 4 station Apollo 5
  • rowing machine
  • ab/back machine
  • pull-up/dip bar
  • leg press and extension machines
  • free weights and bench
  • exercise balls
  • sit up board
  • exercise mat

The equipment is professional quality and is cleaned and maintained or repaired by a professional company. The Fitness Center is open 24/7 year round and may be used by residents and registered guests without charge.

                                    Click here to see video of all equipment

The Country Roads Fitness Club is organized and directed by Club members. The Club is responsible for keeping things in order and purchases some of the equipment. Membership is voluntary but we encourage people to join to help us continue to upgrade and maintain the facility in the proper manner. Club members pay nominal dues of $10 a year.

In March of each year the Fitness Club puts on a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser in the Ballroom feeding approximately 450 people. Several items are also raffled. The funds are used for equipment repair and replacement.  It’s a fun evening for everyone.

2019 Activities

  • Annual Meeting: January 7, 2019, 2:00, Fitness Room
  • Orientation: January 14, 2019, 1:00, Fitness Room