Welcome to Country Roads RV Village


Country Roads’ Billiard Room is the nicest pool playing facility in Yuma. We have eleven 4 1/2′ x 9′ standard Pool Tables, a Brunswick Gold Crown 5′ x 10′ Snooker Table and a world class Soren Sogard 3-Cushion Billiard Table. The equipment is all cleaned and otherwise kept in top playing condition by the Billiard Club. We do our own table maintenance, including regularly scheduled recovering, any necessary repairs, and complete assembly when required.

The Soren Sogard Carom table gets daily use from the Three Cushion enthusiasts that live in the park and we have several players that keep the snooker table busy.  As a Country Roads Resident you will have the opportunity to participate in whatever form of Billiards you are interested in.

The Billiard Club consists of approximately 100 enthusiastic pool players. As a member of our club you can compete in our Men’s 8-ball, Women’s 8-ball, and Mixed Scotch Doubles 8-ball tournaments held weekly. These are all played in a round-robin type format with a blind draw for partners, allowing you get to know other club members in a competitive yet sociable atmosphere. There are ongoing handicapped singles tournaments running throughout much of the season. We have two men’s and a women’s team that compete in an interpark league with other parks in the area. We offer lessons for players of all levels. And of course the Billiard Room is available throughout the day and evening for open play by anyone living in the park.